Experience New Magical Love on December 21, 2012.

Magical love Energy, December 21, 2012, Candace Pittenger, The Adama Institute

New magical love is available today like never before.

The powerful magnitude of this day in your life will open golden doors for you to new realms and understanding, to deep love and deep truths.

The world is an ever-growing being of light and on this day the power within is magnified to a level that has never been felt or achieved before. Great peace and new great love is available for the world and all its people. You will find that you are more in tune with Mother Earth and your surroundings in a new and beautiful way.

Be peace. Be love. Reach out and touch the fulfillment in your life that is possible through this new Divine Love that you now have access to. Do not be afraid for the glory of the day is all around you and expanding within you.

As you experience a greater sense of love this day, you will also notice a better understanding of you. It will feel vulnerable at times. This is the magic of it. Your emotions will be very heightened as you step into this very precious time on earth.

Let go of all disbelief and doubt, concerns and worries of old and turn to God within yourself in a deeper way.  Your own truths are calling to you.

To hide from yourself any longer will only stop you from growing in this vastly quickening state of the planet. Turmoil, grief, loss, pain in the body and massive global shifting is affecting the paradigm of each human on the planet and all things.

This is not a time of great sorrow or our dear earth ending. It is an opening into the birthing of a new world. Many will feel despair and loss at desperate levels in their lives. Do not own this energy. It is only transitional. Allow it to pass. Grieve the loss, cry like a baby and watch the metamorphosis before your own eyes.

Yes, tears will take you to a new space, especially now. This deep cleansing time is very beautiful. Know it is meant to be.  Your biggest struggles are complete. Open your heart to the new and allow yourself to receive.

It is time to take care of you. Whether you are a single parent with children, married with children, retired, in a committed relationship, a pet parent, or single, doesn’t matter…it is time for you to let go of your hold on everything else including your work and money. Learn to love deeply by putting yourself first.

Give unconditionally to you. The power of this new magical love is waiting for you.

As you release your control and hold on your children, pets, work, employees, partners, money, etc., you will experience a new understanding of the new love that is here and available to you.

Love….unconditionally love yourself.

It is your divine right to love you, for you are the only one who can truly love you.

This very magnetic time is here for you to draw to you all that you need. When you drop the walls around you and allow yourself to be completely vulnerable and open up to the extraordinary new magical love energy available today on December 21, 2012, you will feel and know God in your life as you have never known.

To touch into this new magical love energy is to honor you. And honoring yourself brings forth the truth within that is calling you to pay attention to how you are being or not being with yourself. Be your truth. Speak your truth and get real with yourself, as only you can.

On this new day of December 21, 2012, be with the divinely magical love energy that is available to you. Tap into it now.

Close your eyes and breathe in the beauty of this pure love energy. Take a deep breath and exhale 2X. Keep your eyes closed and allow yourself to feel the shift within yourself. Take another breath and open your eyes. The light around you now is amazing. Continue to go to this space of the divine love energy as many times as you can today and every day. Simply call it forth and you are there.

Give yourself this gift this day. The answers you seek are before you. Tune into you, and honor you. You deserve it. It is here for you….

the new magical love energy of December 21, 2012.

The Power of 12-12-12 in Your Life

The Power of 12-12-12 with Candace Pittenger

Engaging the Power of You on 12-12-12! We want what we want, don’t we?

And in the world of energy, we often get more than we ever asked for. Have you ever experienced this in your life? And what would be possible if we had access to the power of the energy of 12-12-12?

What is in the power of our words that we speak out into the world? To the universe? How is it possible that we can create with only the spoken word? And when we speak our truths, do we always get exactly what we asked for? You already know the answer to this question, don’t you?

So why stop now? Especially with such a powerful planetary day directly upon each of us! WOWzie! What if we could have it all? Then what would you do? How would you be different? Better? More at peace? Happier? More fulfilled? Or would you go inside and truly feel into the gifts that you have been given in this life? What is stopping you from feeling them now?

The power of December 12, 2012, is a tremendous blessing to the planet; yes….it’s also a magnificent gift to each of us on the planet to finally experience all that we want to truly have in our lives. But what is that?

As we seek answers from God and the Angels above, days and days go by and we may feel that we are not receiving the answers that we seek. Yet, if we would only stop for a few minutes and look closer, the answers are there waiting for us. Yes, its’ true. The answers are already there. Where have you been? Why haven’t you seen them? You haven’t even noticed the most apparent answer you wanted. The easiest one to get! And yet today it goes unnoticed!

Who do you have to become to see what is in front of you? Who do you have be? What is God trying to show you in this very minute? Why are you not willing to look in God in the face and open your eyes? What answer do you really not want to receive?

What is possible for you if you only looked deep inside of you and were willing to feel and know this God answer in this very moment?

The power of December 12, 2012 is an enlightening time. And no, you don’t have to be enlightened to experience the power and magnitude of this energy. Every human has the capacity to feel this energy; to know it deep inside themselves. Don’t be afraid to experience it.

Open your heart and mind to a new level of YOU. In this space, you will find deep solace in knowing that a transformation of you is taking place. And just as it is unfolding within you, it is also happening for every human and all things on the planet at the same time. That is the power of God at His finest.

To be with your spirit on such an incredible journey, is to know God like never before. During this momentous occasion, all people will experience a new understanding of humanity. Many will be called to exit the earth sooner than they expected and yet others will be called to live on past when they thought they could. For each, the journey has transformed. It has not only transformed them, but their journey, their path of unfoldment, has changed.

Simply overnight, you may feel differently about your life and your purpose. You may feel tired or energized! If tired, simply rest. It energized, go out and run, jump, fly! There is no right or wrong way to feel. Whatever you experience is you are being divinely guided.

A new canvas of life is unfolding.

By the end of the day on 12-12-12, the world will be a vastly different space. Mother Earth herself will be changed. You will know and feel this in many unique ways. Each person will experience this in their own way. Again, there is not a right or wrong way to feel.

Know that God is with us in a more powerful way. His words, expressions, communications and power will feel new to us. As we go about our days, we may feel uncomfortable in our human skin. This is ok.

No one said life on Earth would be easy and this is definitely a very heightened time. You may actually feel like you are shedding your skin, creating a completely new shell for yourself.
Don’t be shy. It’s like taking off a suit. Let it go and feel the magnificence of your new nakedness. And in the beauty of you, you will find the extraordinary gifts that await you. A new aura of serendipity in the new you that you’ve allowed God to show you in this very moment is available.

What is possible in the Divine space of your pure nakedness that you have created on this magical day of December 12, 2012? This is your new adventure in discovery. Allow God and the Angels to guide you in new and innovative ways. Do not hold back.

When you allow, you will find beauty, power, peace, new unique gifts, great manifesting abilities, prosperity and ultimately, the NEW YOU that you’ve been dreaming of… that you’ve been waiting for!

It’s here now for you. You don’t have to know what to do, to experience this incredible shift in energy and power.

If it feels right to you, do the following:
Simply stop at each 12 o’clock hour in any time zone. With feet flat on the floor, close your eyes and take a deep belly breath and exhale. Let go of all outside stress, strain, un-comfortableness in your body, etc. See it leaving your body down through your feet to the center of the earth.

Then just be in the power of the moment for as long as it feels right for you. It could be 30 seconds, it could be 2 minutes, it could be an hour. Do what is right for you. When you’re complete, take another deep belly breath and exhale. Then open your eyes.

Know that you have just engaged in the power of sharing this special day with millions of others worldwide as we all experience the great magnificence that God had given us to share on this profoundly moving day. Thank God and yourself for taking the time to honor you on this day. You deserve it.

In this very moment know that millions of Angels of God that I’m gifted to share with the world through me are also with you. We send you powerful healing energy as you experience the miracle of December 12, 2012 wherever you are in the world. I’m grateful to know and be able to reach each of you. Step into the power of December 12, 2012!

Creating a More Loving Divorce – Divorce Coach Tips

Divorce Coach Tips, Candace Pittenger


God always has a plan…even for a Divorce Coach and in using Reuters, an International News Service.

Finding a more spiritual way to go through divorce was important to me and as I met my divorce coach, I felt goosebumps all over my body. I knew that this was the answer I was seeking. I wanted to leave my marriage in a very peaceful way and to know that I had done everything in my power to create that for me and for him. It’s never easy, that goes without saying, yet the truth is that it does not have to be painful either.

Love is very prevalent in my life as a spiritual healer and teacher. I wanted a loving way to complete this journey.

I found a new path of completion through using a divorce coach and a certified legal document preparer.

I was lovingly guided to each of them and the experience was the best that it could be with the circumstances.  Each of us has our own journey and being a healer, I knew I needed to have my own personal healing process.

As I walked this path for the past year, I have opened up more fully to understanding who I am not only for me but also for those that I am privileged to work with and serve in my practice. Whether I’m working one on one with my clients, or clearing the energy from spaces such as homes, land, and offices, it’s always important for me to walk my talk. As I trust in God above to provide for me, the same is true for my clients trusting in me and the millions of Angels that work through me to create a beautiful journey within themselves and also to create new sacred environments for them to live and work in.

When we each open ourselves to deeper and deeper healing, we grow enormously. I’m no longer the person I was a year ago yet I’m more in touch with both the human side of me, and more importantly, I understand the spiritual depths of my soul at a level I never knew existed.

To go on this deep self exploration, I entrusted my angels to guide me like never before. I can’t tell you how many times I received the old “whack” on the head with the cosmic 2 X 4! It sure didn’t feel very cosmic when it happened! It actually hurt when the trash can lid hit me on the temple and gave me a contusion! What was my head doing in the trash can anyway? And what about the time I got into my car and I swear the door header actually bent down on purpose and smacked me directly on top of the head! I actually saw stars and thought I was going to pass out! I can laugh about it now, but at the time, it was my angels way of saying, “Wakeup, girl! You have work to do and you’re ready. Just simply choose it. We’ll catch you if you fall. “

We never know what life is going to throw our way. All I knew is that I wanted to be happy. It is up to us to create that in our life. I was stuck and wanted a new way to experience love, joy, and laughter in my life.

In all my healing and energy work, I’ve learned along the way that I too must heal. Through all of the endless days of crying, the emotional roller coaster of believing in myself and yet wondering if I had made the right decision, when I resisted, it was then that I received my biggest cosmic wake up calls. Then I finally awakened to what was directly in front of me. Yes, I had finally spoken my truth and now I needed to walk the sometimes seemingly rough road to the other side. I was willing to do this but I needed someone to guide me a little along the way.

A divorce coach helped me along the way to know what steps to take in the legal process and to know that I’m completely loved and supported along the way no matter what.

Its been when I was deeply stuck in my own muck that I’ve done my deepest healing and growth work.

Having an ally in my divorce coach to talk to gave me the confidence to keep moving forward. Once on the other side, my light has been more glowing and my truth has shone more powerfully than ever before. I actually can feel the power and renewed presence in my body and I know it is the true essence of who I am.

My love of self, my “almost going to pee in my pants” laughter and happiness and my new found freedom of experiencing me “as me” have never felt so right.  Even childhood fears such as being completely accepted for who I am have disappeared!

This is possible for you too.

When we walk in the fire of life and make it through to the other side past all of the challenges, God opens doors that we never thought were possible. I’m so grateful for every time I’m quoted in a local or national magazine or publication. Through the years, quotes have always been easy, yet this one hit my heart center and was a little more challenging because the feelings I’ve experienced on this journey have made me feel vulnerable, even a little raw; yet as I read this latest article about divorce coach tips, I got to thinking that even though I’ve been staying very low profile for a while in my own healing process that there’s a much bigger plan.

The miracle in all of this is that as a healer I know that I must go through my own experiences to be able to offer my truth and the gifts that I’ve been blessed with to others.  I haven’t been writing much since on my own latest healing journey, yet as this article about using a divorce coach went out worldwide practically overnight, I knew God just simply took off the pressure and put it out there for me in a big way; to finally get out of my own way.

I heard Him say “It’s not up to you anymore. Your experience is complete and your entire process can help thousands of others in need. It’s time for the world to know this deep love and to create a new level of understanding for themselves.”

As I now give up complete control to God, I know I’m magically guided to what is next in my life.  And in that giving up, this article What a Divorce Coach Can Do For You by Geoff Williams posted internationally to The Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, California lawyer, Inagist, Feeddoo.com, ORAIA-Life Style TV Channel, The French News, Carlsbad Newswire and many more.

I truly hope that my experiences will touch each of you in a beautiful loving way that opens you up to what’s next in your life. Trust in you. And know that God and the Angels are with you along the way in more ways than you will ever know.

Follow this link  http://reut.rs/RxPY1O to a powerful new way to finding healing within in your own divorce in a new more spiritual way through the eyes and wisdom of a divorce coach.



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Dancing With Your Destiny

dancing with lights

You are loved more than you can ever imagine.

Our God Almighty is a proud God. S/He is an all knowing, omnipotent being. You shall inherit the earth in all your godliness.

Your peace within is a miracle, something you shall tune into more as you gain greater clarity and connectedness to your own godliness within.

This life of yours is also a miracle. You are one tiny cell in the vast body of the cosmos, and your presence here is a gift to all.

In this life, you will find your purpose. [Read more…]

Manifesting Love

misty heart

In Antarctica, one sees snow for days. In the desert, one sees sand endlessly. In the energy fields of a human, one sees only beauty.

This beauty is made of millions of tiny cells, cells that are alive with the energy of many lifetimes. The fuel inside each one is enough to run a train through eons of time.

Then, why is it that humans can only hold enough energy to keep going for a day?

People are known for getting in our own way. Through excessive stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and many other ways that we neglect self care, we develop energy blocks within and around ourselves. These blocks compromise our capacity to store, apply and radiate energy.

What is this energy that gets blocked? At the simplest level, it’s pure Love.

Love is what keeps us alive. It is the foundation this planet was created on. As humans, we must infuse our daily lives with love, consciously. Simple kindness, heartfelt words and gracious actions are enough.

Kindness is perfect love in action. If you bring kindness to every action for 24 hours, you will see a very different world. This is the fastest, most direct path of growth for humankind.

It is time for a large-scale shift to love and kindness. It is the only thing that can save the world and its people from eliminating each other. There is still time to learn to love better, to express kindness to one another, to uphold the integrity of our environment, and to amass wealth for all humanity, not just the fortunate few.

How can you support this shift? [Read more…]

Your Road of Growth and Healing

path to ocean

The path of healing yourself is a spiritual journey. Just like a road trip, it has its ups and downs. Some days you will feel perfect, outstanding and free; other days you will feel drained, tired and want to give up.

Your patience and willingness to ALLOW is of utmost importance. Allow the bad along with the good; allow the difficulty along with the progress.

Growth periods can be intense and demanding. Sometimes they call us to sleep more, eat more, or spend time in solitude. Sometimes we get irritable, unfocused, even nauseated. It gets turbulent inside while we integrate a new reality.

You should know that this turbulence usually passes within 24-48 hours. Once it clears, you will experience far greater clarity, higher energy and a closer connection to yourself and God.

[Read more…]

Raising Your Vibration for Healing

energy hands

Your body, your human form, is a temple of love. You are responsible for its care and sustainability on this planet. With some thought, purpose and a little training, your hands can help you heal yourself and others around you.

The power in your own hands is simply amazing! To access it easily, first we will take a few minutes to raise your vibration, which gives you greater access to God’s energy for healing.

Stand, stretch overhead and feel every muscle in your body. Then stretch all the way down to your toes. Relax and sit comfortably.

Ground yourself (visualize an energy cord connecting the end of your spine with the center of the earth) and sit quietly in a meditative state for about 10 minutes.

From this quietness, visualize your crown (top of head) glowing gold, like a golden sun. Bring the elements of Amusement, Unconditional Love, Light and Purity to your crown.
[Read more…]

A Healing Success Story

People often come to me when they’re ready to work on deep, large or persistent issues. When “Christie” came in for an appointment, she was in the midst of a huge career transition. Her emotions were running high – loss, confusion, fear – and she had a hard time seeing what was next for her.

It was clear she wasn’t ready for the next step yet; she was still emotionally attached to her previous position. I explained that it is vitally important that she be open to receiving new energy – and to allow old energy to leave.

When we hold onto old energy, it causes deep stress, pain, even disease. It congests our DNA, just like a cold congests our lungs, causing pain and suffering, fatigue and irritability. In the same way, when your body is clogged with old, negative energy that is weighing you down, you feel tired and stuck.

After our session, Christie felt like a new woman. She felt more alive, and for the first time in a long time, she was thinking clearly.

Then, she went home. Her environment was still choked with the old energy, and she felt herself slipping back into old feelings. When she called, I offered to come do a house clearing. [Read more…]

Working the Kinks Out of Your Energy Body

color threads

As the ocean tides surge and wane each day, so does the energy within our bodies. We naturally experience highs and lows in our energy throughout the day.

When we feel low, we often pick up a cup of coffee or take a break to re-energize our mind and body. We pause, waiting for clarity, focus and that wave of energy that means “I’m ready for more!”

Would you like to learn a simple technique to clear out stagnant energy, restore your capacity to think clearly, and revitalize your will to keep going for the next step?

The truth is, anyone can learn to do daily maintenance on their energy body and feel immediate results. Want to know how?

[Read more…]

Loving the Real You


Who are you in this moment? Are you who you choose to be?

What if you could see a glimpse of your wholeness as God sees you? Would that change anything that you have planned for yourself on this Earth?

Let’s dig a bit further. If your wholeness is defined as the perfect you in this lifetime, and you saw yourself as a “beautiful soul that traveled the world, creating peace and promoting self healing for humanity across all borders,” how would you feel? Would you freak out because that’s not what you are presently doing? Or worse, would you shut down the idea because you could never do this?

Or would you put your arms around this idea and grasp it wholeheartedly, knowing this is your ultimate destiny?

Your wholeness is available to you in every moment; you just need to access it. But how is that done? [Read more…]